What kind of nightlife is there in Courchevel?

Courchevel is not only renowned for its world-class skiing and stunning Alpine views, but it also offers a vibrant nightlife scene, with a range of options to suit all tastes.

For those who love a lively après-ski scene, Courchevel doesn’t disappoint. The slopeside bars and terraces come alive as the sun starts to set, with live music, DJ sets, and flowing vin chaud (hot wine). Venues such as Le Cap Horn and La Folie Douce are renowned for their outdoor parties with live music and dancing. In contrast, Bar Le Tremplin in Moriond (1650) is perfect for a more relaxed, laid-back atmosphere.

If you’re a fan of fine cocktails and chic interiors, there are numerous upmarket lounge bars and hotel bars. Bars like L’Equipe and Le Schuss offer a more relaxed atmosphere for those who prefer quieter evenings. For a truly sophisticated experience, the luxurious hotels’ bars, like the K2 Altitude’s Le 8611 or Le Bar de L’Apogée, offer exquisite cocktails amidst elegant surroundings.

The resort is also home to several nightclubs for those who wish to party into the early hours. Les Caves de Courchevel is a legendary venue attracting a glamorous crowd, while L’EnKore at Moriond has a more modern, vibrant vibe.

For a different kind of evening entertainment, Courchevel has several bowling alleys, cinemas, and even a performance auditorium, Forum Courchevel, which hosts concerts, theater shows, and film screenings.

The nightlife in Courchevel caters to a wide range of preferences, whether you prefer a relaxed après-ski drink, a sophisticated cocktail evening, or dancing the night away. Remember to drink responsibly and be respectful of others, ensuring everyone can enjoy their night in this Alpine paradise.


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